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Jane Downey, lead Sleep Technologist brings over 30 years of experience in sleep medicine, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and expertise throughout your sleep study journey.
With a background in nursing and an extensive career in sleep medicine, Jane has worked in both hospital and private sleep clinic settings, taking on various roles from management to hands-on sleep study facilitation.
Her vast experience encompasses all aspects of sleep studies, including diagnostic sleep studies, CPAP titration, nocturnal ventilation, MSLT, and MWT studies.
Jane's expertise extends to setting up sleep studies, overnight monitoring and sleep study analysis for both lab and home-based studies. She has extensive experience with CPAP, including mask fitting, titration, education and problem solving.

Jane Downey,
Sleep Technologist

You can trust that you are in the most experienced hands as Jane guides you through the entire process, from conducting a Home Sleep Study to introducing you to CPAP therapy if required.
At Sleep Apnoea Clinic, we believe in providing personalised care, ensuring that each patient receives tailored treatment and support to address their unique sleep needs.
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Exceptional service and compassionate care.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and compassionate care sets us apart and allows us to help you achieve the restorative sleep you deserve.
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